Supercharge Your Brand’s Growth with Expert LinkedIn MARKETER

Our Responsibility

Setting up

New account setup Analysis and revision of existing account Update Profile attractive cover photo


SEO Optimization of your Boards and Pins Optimizing your profile

Pin create

Regularly adding pins from your website Create new boards that fit in your niche Repinning the Viral Pins to attract customers


Timely replies to comments/messages Answering online reviews


Increasing your followers, Rise impressions and traffic organically reach out your potential buyers or increase traffic to your website

Media Manager

24/7 support your social Account FREE Graphical Growth Report


Do you guarantee growth in followers or sales?

No. This gig is used to increase visibility and exposure for potential viewers. There is no guarantee that a visitor to your page will buy your services or products. There is also no guarantee that a viewer may follow you as well.

Will you ever delete my pin?

No. All pins will remain on my boards permanently.

When will I see the results?

Pinterest is a "Post now, gain results later" platform. You may not see results instantly, but they can develop overtime depending on the image and content. I tend to see a strong increase in traffic and sales within 3-4 months.